Saturday, August 18, 2012

WAG-7,WAG-9 & WAP-5 Bogie Fabrication

( W 25.010):-
What to be ensured:-
  • Spheriblocks being used in WAP-5 Bogies ( 8 in each bogie) should not be of expiry date. Being rubber item, it may not be desirable from residual life point of view.

  • Fixtures for bogie fabrication should be calibrated

Welding by GMAW process ( W 25.002):-
What to ensure:-

  • Lots of spatter which appear after each welding should be avoided.

  • The anti-spatter spray should beused  by staff without fear of flashing. Anti-spatter spray being used should not be of expiry date.

  • WAP-5 bogie fabrication work is to be done on  CNC machine, otherwise Holes are off-centre, dimensions are out of tolerance.

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