Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CLW Assembly of Locomotive

 Audit of following  Work Instructions was done in Shop # 19. Report is as follows:-

Mounting of SL, MVSL, QVSL ( W 19.023):-
  • Marking of 20 nos holes as mentioned in para 3.1.1 of this WI seems to have become outdated. In practice 12 holes and 4 spigot holes are being done. This WI needs modification.

  • Jig for marking holes is due for calibration got attended.

  • Jig for mrking MVSL is due for calibration got attended.

  • Location of heat-shrinkable sleev as mentioned in para 3.3.4 of this WI was explained to staff.

  • Source of supply of hylem sheet for QVSL mounting could not be idenetified in the shop same done in office.

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