Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hitachi Traction Motor Manufacturing

PE Side Deck Insulation of Equaliser Winding of Hitachi  ( W 23.020):-
Points noticed:-
  • Grease KS707 for mould release treatment should not be of expiry date.

Equaliser  Coil Winding of Hitachi Armature  ( W 23.021):-
Points noticed:-
  • Date of expiry of GUFZ 0.13 sheet should be established.

Equaliser Coil Earth Insualtion of Hitachi  ( W 23.022):
Points noticed:-

  • P-200 powder and all M-60 mica sheets should be of expiry date.
Hitachi Armature Coil Earth Insulation  ( W 23.023):-
Points noticed:-

  • Inter-Turn test machines were told to be calibrated but date of calibration was not marked.

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