Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shop Floor Inspection

Shop #12 and 26 were inspected  alongwith inspection staff.

Fitment of gearcase was inspected. Alternate tightening of the bolts was not being followed , same was emphasized.

Use of proper torque wrench was examined .
Torque wrenches are required to be calibrated. 

RTV 685 was being used as sealant between gear cases. It was checked for expiry.

Dimensional deviations in Raj-712 Underframe were checked.

Defects of welding undercut were examined. There were many such defects all over the shell all rectified..

Different thickness sheets were being used for same bellow duct in the underframe, shop supervisor revealed that they received material from shop #15 and applied what they received.
Matter was  discussed with Shop #15 supervisor.

It was observed that some dimensional deviation beyond permissible limits may be carried forward to shop #16.
TM inspection staff was made available the list of approved makes of bolts 9 of rocker ring assembly).

Oversized temperature Probe was being fitted in 3-phase TM, for which WI is to be checked.

TM shop was inspected for work instruction compliance of thread drilling in poles/compoles and SJ poles.

Head machining after making the drill under process.

Drilled pole shoes awaiting cleaning.

TP39 was inspected in the test shed. It was observed that CO2 pipe welding was done in the side wall after painting due to which surface cracks had appeared in the exterior paint.
This was in addition to the usual waviness in the surface giving the paint a blemish.

Crack-holes on the exterior surface of TP 39.

Though production staff assured that it will be touched up, inspection staff was instructed to advise assembly shop to do all inside welding work before painting only.

End Brazing and welding in Traction Motors

Brazing of the end rings and MIG welding  was inspected  in the TM shop.

In addition to MIG welding, Induction brazing and Zarconium welding ( stampings) are the other two types of end-ring preparation methods.

Almost 100 three phase Traction Motors are waiting for production for want of RTV622, which is applied in the terminal box as well as inside the winding.

Process of Pole terminal brazing was inspected in the shop.

Some bolts in the TM were found to be just punched of the make, unlike the standard practice of embossing. This was instructed to be recorded as Non-Conformity.


Provision of U Nomex paper at the ends of coils in three phase Traction Motor was inspected in the shop.